Hoff the Hook: Interview with David Hasslehoff

“David Hasselhoff became a cult figure by accident, but he’s been smart enough to milk it for all it’s worth. Jane Cornwell meets the actor and finds his blend of rampant egotism and self-deprecation strangely endearing.”

Cover feature on David Hasslehoff for Sydney Morning Herald’s GoodWeekend magazine.

Martin’s Place

“With an elegant atelier in the chic marais district of Paris, Martin Grant is probably the most famous Australian designer you’ve never heard of, writes Jane Cornwell.”

Interview with Martin Grant for Good Weekend magazine.

Buena Vista

“The unquenchable thirst for all things Cuban.”

Article for The Weekend Australian’s Review magazine on Cuban music and culture in Australia (Part One and Part Two).

On A Roll: Interview with Tim Minchin

“Tim Minchin used to be in a covers band; now he plays arenas. He talks to Jane Cornwell ahead of a homecoming tour.”

Interview, and cover story, with Tim Minchin for The Weekend Australian’s Review magazine (CoverPart One and Part Two)

A Woman In Full: Interview with Vanessa Redgrave

vanessa1rev15may2010ar014[1] vanessarev15may2010ar015“Vanessa Redgrave puts her faith in love and work, not destiny, writes Jane Cornwell.”

My interview with Vanessa Redgrave for The Weekend Australian. Part One and Part Two.

A Performance Worth The Wait: Review of Waiting for Godot

“Ian McKellen brings Beckett’s classic play to our shores”

Review of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, starring Ian McKellen during its Australian run in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney.

Great Cities Seen by a Remarkable Mind’s Eye

“Stephen Wiltshire is a virtuoso artist who is also autistic.”

Profile of artist Stephen Wiltshire and his work at Customs House, Sydney for The Australian.

Hellenic Heroine: Interview with Nia Vardalos

“Nia Vardalos’ first big fat film poked gentle fun at her Greek heritage. Her next one is all about the sights and stallions.”

Interview with Nia Vardalos for Sunday Magazine.

Melbourne Arts Festival vs The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

“The Melbourne International Arts Festival can rival the artistic quality and cultural variety of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – but without the crowds or the struggle for top tickets.”

Article for Dorling Kindersley’s The Road Less Travelled on Melbourne International Arts Festival.