The Chameleon Sings: Interview with Meryl Streep

“Meryl Streep extends her repertoire by playing someone so unlike herself — a woman lacking talent, writes Jane Cornwell”

My interview with Meryl Streep for The Weekend Australian (Part One and Part Two).

Most Wanted: Interview with Idris Elba

“He has been ‘snubbed’ by the Academy and those Bond rumours persist, but Idris Elba, returning to TV as Luther, is unfazed. Jane Cornwell meets screen’s hottest property.”

My interview, and cover story feature, on Idris Elba. ( CoverPart 1 and Part 2)

A Woman In Full: Interview with Vanessa Redgrave

vanessa1rev15may2010ar014[1] vanessarev15may2010ar015“Vanessa Redgrave puts her faith in love and work, not destiny, writes Jane Cornwell.”

My interview with Vanessa Redgrave for The Weekend Australian. Part One and Part Two.