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Songlines Guide to Festivals 2011

“Whether you’re looking to soak up the musical vibe in an English country field, or fancy venturing somewhere more exotic, there’s a wealth of festivals taking place this year. We highlight some of our favourites…”

My rundown of the best summer festivals in 2011 for Songlines.

Sizzling in the Home of Salsa

“Dance mad: A little lighthearted flirting and lots of doggy-style dancing are all part of the charm of Santiago de Cuba, says JANE CORNWELL”

Article on Santiago, Cuba for Metro (Part One and Part Two).

El Portús

“El Portús: Nudity is permitted around the clock at Spain’s original naturist resort, where nervous firsttimer JANE CORNWELL took  a little time before fully appreciating the view.”

Article on El Portús naturist resort for Metro.

This one even made it on to the Front Page of the Metro (see image above)