El Portús

“El Portús: Nudity is permitted around the clock at Spain’s original naturist resort, where nervous firsttimer JANE CORNWELL took  a little time before fully appreciating the view.”

Article on El Portús naturist resort for Metro.

This one even made it on to the Front Page of the Metro (see image above)

Pole Position

“Angus Watt’s multi-hued banners wave the flag at cultural festivals all over the world. On the eve of Adelaide’s WOMAD event, Jane Cornwell sees which way the wind blows.”

Interview with flag-maker Angus Watts.

Moroccan Nights

“The most important single element of Morocco’s folk culture is its music,” wrote the author and musicologist Paul Bowles, who loved the place. “The entire history and mythology of the people is clothed in song.”

A short article on Morocco’s Festival Gnaoua et Musiques du Monde, part of a guide to music festivals in Africa for Travel Africa magazine.

Culture Club

“Those without a country estate can join the club at Ireland’s Castle Leslie, where good manners and outrageous behaviour are as welcome as low-key celebrities. Jane Cornwell saddles up for a unique experience.”

Article on Ireland’s Castle Leslie. (Part OnePart Two and Part Three)